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Product Catalog

Switchboard Meters
A high quality range of Switchboard Instruments complying to ANSI C39.  Styles including 4" and 8" ANSI, High Shock Sealed Models, Digital Analog combinations and 6" Edgewise with a variation of inputs and scales available second to none.
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Integra Ci3 Inegra Ci3 Digital Metering Systems

The Integra Ci3 meter is an accurate and cost effective solution for measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters. Its easy programming, mounting and user-friendly navigation make the Integra Ci3 dms an ideal choice for customers who require reliable energy measurement.
Tegra Din & Panel Mount Tegra 710 & 810 Digital Metering Systems

The Tegra 710 and 810 multi-function digital metering systems display and communicate major electrical parameters. To suit user requirements the range includes single-phase, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire capabilities under low voltage with unbalanced loads. The flexibility of Tegra series allows them to operate in through panel as well as DIN rail mountable applications.
Integra Digital Metering Systems

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A comprehensive range of high accuracy multi function digital metering systems offering measurement, display and communication of over 100 parameters, including true RMS measurement for total harmonic distortion and power quality data. Integra products are fully programmable via a simple menu driven interface and can be integrated into energy management systems via various communication protocols. To suit requirements, Integra offers pulsed, analogue and digital output options, and a choice of DIN, ANSI and JIS case styles, with high quality LED or LCD display.
Electronic Meter Relays
Crompton range of Meter Relays combine a highly accurate indicator with High and Low set-points  which operate alarm and control circuits if the monitored signal value deviates from the set-point limits.  These relays monitor and control any parameter which can be converted into an AC of DC signal.
Analog Panel Indicators
Crompton Instruments range of Analog Indicators are designed and manufactured to measure and extensive range of electrical and electronic parameters.  The range of styles, sizes and specifications measuring up to industry's exacting needs 
Model 262 Series LED Digital Panel Meters The  Crompton  Instruments range of Digital Indicators offer a highly accurate measurement solution.  Their design allows easy reading when viewed from a distance.  This range of indicators are versatile in their measuring range which includes AC and DC current/voltage.
Model 262 Series are a range of digital panel meters, versatile in the measuring range including AC and DC current/voltage.  Some versions allow display blanking and hold.
Model 262-30 Series Digital  Meter Relays
The 262-30 Series of digital meters offer a highly accurate and stable measurement solution. Three models are available:
262-300 is for process control inputs, 262-30T for temperature inputs, 262-30A for true RMS AC Voltage & Current

Model 263 and 264 Series LED Digital Bargraph Indicator and Controllers
Designed to provide the user with an accurate combination of instantaneous digital reading 
and trend indications , the 264 series can be used in a variety of applications such as:
Process Control -- Water Treatment -- Power Generation -- Control Panel & Switchgear -- 
Monitoring Systems

Kilowatt Hour Meters
Innovative self-contained meters designed for either panel or DIN rail mounting. Variation include Kw.h or KvAr.h counters, integrated wattmeter and options of pulsed and analog outputs.
Protector Trip Relays
Crompton protection relays offer continuous surveillance of electrical parameters such as AC and DC Voltage and Current Inputs, Frequency, Phase  Sequence/ Failure / Balance, Thermistor, Millivolt Trip, Thermocouple, Speed Sensing and Synchro-check relays.
A comprehensive range of electronic control products, providing continuous monitoring and protection of any electrical parameter. When the monitored parameter deviates from the desired set point limit, the relay will operate to protect the power asset. Designed to suit a wide variety of applications, the range offers both traditional and technologically advanced products, including single parameter units, earth leakage protection, vector shift and ROCOF, and multifunctional microprocessor based system protection relays
PALADIN Transducers and Transmitters
PALADIN Transducers and Transmitters will measure all standard AC Voltage and Currents, producing industry standard outputs suitable for use with any instrumentation  control device.   The range also includes: Watt, Var, VA, Phase Angle, Integrators, Signal Isolators and more.  0.5% Accuracy is standard while 0.2% is also available.